The music department of NCTC offers students a wide range of opportunities in both performing ensembles and academic coursework. Courses of instruction are provided in music theory, music literature and appreciation, music fundamentals, and applied performance that will transfer to other colleges and universities. Performance opportunities are available for students in both choral and instrumental areas. The NCTC Singers regularly perform on and off campus, and they appear frequently at area churches, civic organization meetings and a wide range of community events. The two NCTC Jazz Bands perform a varied repertoire (including big band swing, Dixieland, and contemporary jazz) through concerts on campus and at other venues. Members of the band come from throughout the North Texas-Southern Oklahoma area.


Courses Offered

MUSI1116 Sight Singing & Ear Training I
MUSI1117 Sight Singing & Ear Training II
MUSI1159 Music Theater Workshop
MUSI1262 Diction I
MUSI1300 Methods & Materials Of Music
MUSI1301 Music Fundamentals
MUSI1306 Music Appreciation
MUSI1308 Music Literature
MUSI1309 Music Literature
MUSI1311 Theory I
MUSI1312 Theory II
MUSI2116 Advanced Sight Singing & Ear-Training I
MUSI2117 Advanced Sight Singing & Ear- Training II
MUSI2262 Diction II
MUSI2311 Theory III
MUSI2312 Theory IV
Applied Instruction
MUAP1172 Applied Guitar
MUAP1272 Applied Guitar
MUAP1173 Applied Strings
MUAP1273 Applied Strings
MUAP1174 Applied Piano
MUAP1274 Applied Piano
MUAP1175 Applied Organ
MUAP1275 Applied Organ
MUAP1176 Applied Voice
MUAP1276 Applied Voice
MUAP1177 Applied Brass
MUAP1277 Applied Brass
MUAP1178 Applied Percussion
MUAP1278 Applied Percussion
MUAP1179 Applied Woodwinds
MUAP1279 Applied Woodwinds
Class Instruction
MUSI1181 Beginning Class
MUSI1182 Advanced Class Piano
MUSI1183 Class Voice
MUSI1192 Beginning Class Guitar
MUSI1193 Advanced Class Guitar
Performing Organizations

Wind Ensemble

MUEN1135 Guitar Ensemble
MUEN1141 North Central Texas Chorus
MUEN1151 College Ensemble
MUEN1154 College Singers
MUEN1171 Jazz Band


For additional information, please contact:


Martin Kobuck, Jr., Jazz Band Instructor

Phone: 940-668-3385

Office: Gainesville - FSBCPA-2010


Shane Studdard, Music Professor
Phone: 940-668-3322
Office: Gainesville-FSBCPA-2005D


Daniel Banke, Music Adjunct - Choral




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