Cheryl McGrath

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(940) 498-6204


Course Description

Through a study of the visual universe, students develop skills essential to leading a productive and meaningful life, such as the ability to think, read, visually interpret and write. Students explore the purpose, meaning and cultural context of human expression as it is applied in two and three dimensions, film, graphic design and green/sustainable environmental design. Students engage in a theme-based introduction to chronological/geographical visual history from prehistoric time to Postmodernism. Students must complete various readings and related assignments, as well as participate in online discussions, visit local museums, take photographs, and digitize images for Web-based environments.

This course requires a trip to a D/FW museum this semester.


Course Requirements





Getlein, Mark. Living With Art 9th or 10th edition. Ebooks are acceptable. Textbooks are needed on day one of the course.



Additional Information

Email Orientation

Students must complete an orientation specific to the Art Appreciation online courses. This orientation is sent to the email address you are REQUIRED to provide at registration. You must log on to ANGEL and into the Art Appreciation course with a valid email address by a specified date in order to keep from being blocked in the course. The Art Appreciation orientation must also be completed within a specified time period in order to keep from being blocked.


Required Materials

A Windows PC Pentium or higher operating system, 64 MB available RAM, 40 MB Hard disk space. A camera with the ability to submit images in a reasonable digital file size to the course is required for several assignments and is essential to success in this course.


Be prepared to spend a minimum of 6 hours a week working on this course.

You must submit assignments according to a calendar and meaningfully participate in discussions with your peers by posted dates. This means your work is not entirely self-paced. You must participate and interact in the course within specified time intervals. The amount of time needed to complete the online courses is more than if you attend classes on campus, so the internet course is not a shortcut or easier than campus classes.



Grades are based on assignments submitted online, including a paper over a D/FW museum visit during the semester, and a paper over a work of art from the student's environment. There are no exams in this course. Several field trips are required. Some include outdoor photography with related assignments. Assignments are due approximately every two weeks. They are listed on the course calendar. Students may submit some assignments early; however, the course is structured to have students working on similar projects simultaneously, in order to discuss and share experiences with one another.


Additional Resources

Sample Syllabus (PDF)