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Course Description

Course content is the survey and decoding of visual culture from prehistoric time to the Renaissance. We will discover human expression and visual shifts as a reflection of different cultural ecologies. Through the deconstruction of popular culture, we investigate how it is rooted in visual history. Special consideration is given to the form and content of visual expression, as well as the social and cultural context in which the work is created.

This is an online course administered through the Canvas LMS.



Course Requirements

You must access the course in Canvas by the end of the first day of classes. An Art History specific orientation and introductory biography posts are due by midnight on the first Tuesday of the semester.. Grades are based on weekly assignments presented online, three exams, an individual comparison presentation and a paper written about your visit to a major D/FW area museum during the current semester. Meaningful participation in weekly discussion boards and posted assignments by specific dates are required for credit. .



Kleiner, Fred. Gardner's Art Through the Ages, A Global History, Vol. 1, 14th ed.



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Sample Syllabus (PDF)