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A survey of key concepts including biological chemistry, cell structure and function, genetics, evolution and ecology. An overview of the plants and animals is included with special emphasis given to the morphology and physiology of man. This course includes the dissecting of fetal pigs. For non-science majors.



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Inquiry Into Life by Sylvia S. Mader, 11th or 12th eds.



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Exams are Wednesdays from 3 - 6 PM or 8 - 11 PM. Quizzes over lecture notes and labs are due Mondays at midnight. This is not a self-paced course. Students must complete weekly assignments as scheduled. Students are responsible for their own learning in this course. Online student success depends largely on self-motivation and determination to keep up with the schedule.

Instructor announcements are posted weekly and include items due that week. Students are responsible for staying informed of weekly assignments, including any changes to the schedule, as announced. Be sure the Announcements nugget on the course homepage in ANGEL is set to Show Present Announcements.

The syllabus and course calendar are posted the week before the semester begins. Contact the instructor with questions about course requirements, but please read the entire syllabus first. Students are responsible for all information therein.



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Sample Syllabus (PDF)