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Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive look at the human body’s structure and functions. Topics include how the body maintains homeostasis, the relationship of chemistry to anatomy and physiology, and cell function and division. The skin, skeletal system, muscles, and nervous system are examined. Sensory organs and the endocrine system are also presented. Several diseases and disorders are discussed, and as well as the cause, detection, and treatment of them.


Both lab and lecture are online, no need to go to campus. The online class will require approximately 15 hours a week plus homework. The student must be self-motivated, organized, and prepared to devote their time to this course. The student will be expected to read the chapters, complete activities and assignments, complete self-checks quizzes at the end of the chapter and participate in group discussion. This online course will require more hours than a regular classroom setting.


 Lecture Exams are given on various Sunday evenings from 8 – 9 pm.  Schedule posted the first day of class.  If you cannot meet this exam schedule,  you cannot take this course.


Course Requirements



BIOL2401- Human Anatomy and Physiology I. Student must be a nursing, radiology, or science major, previous online course experience preferred, and have passed the THEA in all areas.



Saladin, Kenneth S., Anatomy & Physiology; The Unity of Form and Function, 6th Edition.
Required Material: Anatomy & Physiology Revealed - Virtual Cadaver Dissection CD - Version 2.0 or 3.0


 You  must have this the first week of the class to access the course material.


You may purchase your material at the NCTC Bookstore or at an online source such as McGraw Hill.


 McGraw Hill – 1.800.262.4729



Allow 3 - 5 Business days to receive your material.


Additional Resources


Sample Syllabus (PDF)