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Sherry Smith

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(940) 668-7731, ext. 4350


Course Description

A study of morphology, physiology and taxonomy of microorganisms. Special emphasis is placed upon the human immune system. Laboratory includes the fundamental procedures of sterilizations, cultures and identification of common bacteria.



Course Requirements


BIOL 1408 OR BIOL 2401



Microbiology With Diseases By Taxonomy 3rd Ed. by Robert W. Bauman

Biology 2420 Laboratory Manual - available in the campus bookstore

1 box microbiology slides – available in the campus bookstore

1" - 3-ring binder

Map colors (Colored pencils)



Additional Information


Students are required to attend laboratory sessions on the GAINESVILLE CAMPUS in ROOM 409. Students are also required to attend lecture exams on the GAINESVILLE CAMPUS in ROOM 412, as scheduled by the instructor. Exam schedules are provided on the first day of the course. It is the responsibility of the student to amend his/her professional/personal schedule to meet class expectations. Students unable to attend the scheduled exams should plan on taking microbiology at another time.


Amount of time a student should expect to devote to the course weekly

It is important that the student read and study on a regular basis. Microbiology requires time and effort. It takes approximately 2-3 hours of study time for each hour of class time to master the material (approximately 15-20 hours weekly) in a regular semester. Summer sessions require additional time, as students meet in lab 4 times a week and are also responsible for lecture material (approximately 60 hours weekly).



Additional Resources

Sample Syllabus (PDF)