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Course Description

An introduction to macroeconomic principles, this course explores Classical, Keynesian and other economic models. Emphasis is given to national income, money and banking, monetary and fiscal policy, economic fluctuations and growth. Other topics include international trade and finance, employment, comparative economic systems, and economic decision making.



Course Requirements





Macroeconomics by McConnell and Brue; 17th edition and Study Guide for use with Macroeconomics by McConnell and Brue. The textbook can be purchased at the NCTC Bookstore or elsewhere online.


What can students expect from this course?

Graded assignments may be completed up to 2 times with the highest grade recorded. Quizzes and exams are timed. Quizzes may only be taken once. Two (2) written article reviews are required during the semester. Two (2) major exams, a midterm and a final exam, are delivered over a prescribed course of time (e.g., Weekend for the midterm, and during finals week for the final). Students should have their course resources prepared to use during quizzes and exams. Exam difficulty reflects that expectation. Exams consist of multiple choice, matching, and short answer/essay questions. There are no makeup exams in this course.


Students are responsible for reading, outlining, and studying assigned chapters. The instructor posts lecture slides and recordings. Students should use these resources in addition to carefully reading assigned texts. Since students have the privilege of using course resources during exams and quizzes, they are expected to be thoroughly knowledgeable about those resources and the subject matter. The instructor is available for phone, email, and face-to-face appointments. The student is responsible for contacting the instructor if he or she has any issues, or need further explanation regarding economic concepts.



Additional Resources

Sample Syllabus (PDF)