Judy Archer

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Course Description

As a student in this course, you will learn the most important topics of Microsoft Office Access 2010. You will learn the most important elements of the Microsoft Office 2010 interface. Next, you will learn to create and build databases and define table structures. Once you have mastered these topics, you will learn to maintain and query databases, create and use forms and reports, and enhance your database with advanced tools. In the last portion of the course, you will integrate, analyze, and automate tasks. Designed to provide an understanding of advanced functionality of databases.


Course Requirements





New Perspectives, Microsoft® Office Acces® 2010 - Comprehensive, Adamski & Finnegan
(ISBN 978-0-538-79847-1).

Technology Requirements

Must have modern computer with internet connection. Class is presented using ANGEL, all work, quizzes, and exams are presented online.

1GB Flash/Pen drive or larger required.

Data Files: or see Lessons Tab in ANGEL



Additional Resources

Sample Syllabus (PDF)