Farah Hojjaty

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(940) 498-6209


Course Description

This course includes basic algebraic concepts and notations: algebraic expressions and equations, factoring polynomials, and graphing. Some prior algebra knowledge required. This course does not count toward graduation at NCTC.



Course Requirements


MATH 0303 passed with a "C" or better or satisfactory placement score.



John Tobey, Jeffrey Slater, & Jamie Blair: Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, Prentice Hall, 2010, 4th ed.


Students need an access code for MyMathLab. Students may buy an access code online at or purchase one in the NCTC bookstore. Students do not need a textbook, but may purchase one if desired. Access MyMathLab via ANGEL.


Calculators are permitted. NO graphing calculators.



Additional Resources

Sample Syllabus (PDF)